27 IPhone Accessory Gifts In 2022

Make sure your iPhone camera always has enough charge with the Omnicharge. Hear some of the brightest names in science and technology talk about the ideas and breakthroughs that shape our world. It’s worth noting that this device works with different smartphones, so you don’t have to be an iPhone user to experiment with your snapshots. Whether you’re an iPhone loyalist, a MagSafe enthusiast, or even new to the game, update your phone with a quirky and handy iPhone accessory.

Many people expect to receive AirPods along with their iPhone X, but this is not the case. Traditionally included Apple stickers are also included, as well as an installation guide/warranty guide. Perhaps future iPhones will be paired with a pair of AirPods, but this is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Beats have always been one of Apple’s best accessories, which aren’t really Apple. The PowerBeats Pro might cost a little more than the Airpods, but when it comes to workout-focused headphones, they’re second to none. They offer an uplifting and impactful bass, combined with energetic highs that inspire you to move.

The soft microfiber lining of the case provides additional protection against all those unintentional crashes, falls and accidents. After reviewing the first list several times, I managed to limit it to 20 products. With so much going on in the market, it can be difficult to mark really useful smartphone accessories online.

Since we often rely on our phones as a means to get from A to B, investing in a phone holder for your car is a wise move. This Belkin phone holder snaps into your car’s vent so your phone can sit in an excellent position while driving. Thanks to its magnetic design, if you have a MagSafe-compatible iPhone, you can simply place your phone on the charging dock and it should stay securely in place. This prevents the faff of using complicated and unreliable clips.

Go there and turn it on to let your iPhone erase all information after ten incorrect password attempts. Usually, ten attempts aren’t enough to guess your passcode if you’re pretty strong. Step two backs up to iCloud – it makes your iPhone adapter two-step codes available on all your devices. Sign up today to receive the latest news and product updates from Belkin. You can find the right case that not only protects your phone, but also says a little bit about who you are.

Apple’s new iPhone 13 line has some interesting camera features. With a new cinema mode and the ability to shift the focus to videos, new iPhone owners can try recording their own home movies. A tripod with MagSafe capabilities is an ideal gift to help amateur videographers take stable photos on their iPhone. Get honest reviews on the best products and services, delivered weekly to your inbox. On the other hand, if you’re also shooting with a DSLR or other camera, you may find it easier to put your mobile photography equipment in your camera bag with your other equipment.