4 Tips For Choosing An Engagement Ring Without Her Knowing

Because chances are that the love of your life has been dreaming of this piece of jewelry for as long as he can remember (and probably should!). And if you haven’t and insist on NOT wearing an engagement ring, stop reading now and thank your lucky stars. That said, you don’t need to maximize credit cards to get high-quality diamond rings. One thing you can do is sacrifice the carat, or size, of the diamond.

If you’re interested in buying a vintage ring, you’ll also have a much wider selection online in stores like Trumpet & Horn, Lang Antiques, and 1st Dibsam among others. Many online stores don’t have an annoying return policy, so you’re not stuck with anything if you don’t like it. While it’s easy to get caught up in buying the perfect diamond, the engagement ring is only half (or less than half, if you follow the ring stack route) of the equation. Your wedding ring, you know, the real symbol of your marriage, is the other half that is often overlooked. Definitely think about what style of wedding ring would go with your ring.

Hopefully, you’ve been able to gather good information from your friends, your Pinterest board, and your jeweler. Trust your judgment when it comes to choosing an engagement ring that she will love, and go with your gut feeling. Have you talked about how much you love sapphires before than diamonds?

Would you rather have a classic solitaire, a glamorous halo or vintage inspiration? Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular installation styles. But if your husband wants something on the more polished and professional end of the spectrum, you may want to consider some white gold.

One of the most important design aspects of an engagement ring is the fit, also known as the stand, which attaches the stone to the royal ring. Solitaire and oval engagement ring adjustments are great options if you want a simpler, more classic look for your ring. On the other hand, the halo fit complements the diamond and makes it look bigger and brighter. This may seem like a fact, but budget is a big part of the buying process that you don’t want to overlook. Engagement ring prices range from $1,000 to $20,000 or more.

You don’t want to blindly go shopping because you might be looking at a ring and falling in love with a ring that’s out of your budget. It would be a shame to realize that one of the princess-cut engagement rings you had in your sights costs thousands of dollars over your budget. Three-stone platinum engagement ring by James Allen with a lab-made diamond core stone, F-color 1.20 cts., VS1 clarity, ideal round cut. Although diamonds are “traditional” engagement ring stones, colored gemstones are often durable enough for everyday use and absolutely beautiful on their own.

But first, you’ll want to read not only about things like diamond cutting, color, clarity, and carat (all 4cs), but also about different configuration styles and how much you can expect to pay. Or maybe you want to consider going in a completely different direction and opting for a gemstone instead. The guides below will certainly help you and give you some thought. Choosing an engagement ring without her knowing it can be difficult, but we have 4 tips to make the process easier and make sure you’re both satisfied with the final product. If you work with your hands or wear gloves during the day, keep that in mind and opt for a low-maintenance ring (stay away from many small diamonds!).

Since this is a huge price range, it’s important to know how much you’re willing to spend. The best way to dispel the headaches and obstacles of buying engagement rings is to go with a plan. There are some very important steps you should take when buying your dream ring that can ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed DR love ring and that you find your perfect ring. Finally, if you’re not entirely sure of its size, opt for a ring without stones that run all the way around the band. Rings like these are commonly referred to as rings or bands of “eternity” and are not conducive to anyone trying to execute a surprise proposal.

There will be days when you’ll be amazed by all the different styles in the jewelry cabinet, and then there will be times when you can get dizzy when you look at so many different diamond cuts. Add the budget and element of surprise and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. “The habit feels more special than just walking into a store and figuring something out,” Hannah explains. “The future spouse should definitely have an idea of their stone size,” says Jaclyne Kirkorian of Jupiter Jewelry in New York. “As much as people say size isn’t important, it’s always the starting point, because color and brightness can always be adjusted to find something within your budget.”