Permanent Makeup Guide 2021

A more complex explanation has to do with biology and how experienced technicians should place pigment or ink in the top layer of skin. If the technician is inexperienced and shy about his tattoo technique, the pigment or ink should only be placed incorrectly on the epidermal layer of the skin. The epidermal layer of skin consists of skin cells, which are dead or dying, waiting for new skin cells.

I’ve never seen a pigment that has remained color faithful for more than six months, so it’s more than you should know if you choose to have microblade eyebrows, it won’t be the same tone and tone forever. I prefer my eyebrows to be retouched more often because they have faded rather than color. The person performing the treatment is always the main option to take when considering microblading. Aside from your skin type, the result depends almost entirely on your ability and knowledge to control the depth and application of the correct method type and pigment for your skin.

The needles scratch your skin and apply pigment to the small wounds, which sounds yes, painful AF, but surprisingly it is not. Piret Aava, also known as The Eyebrow Doctor, a microblading specialist in New York City, has micro-linked my eyebrows and it hardly hurts. This is because most specialists, including Aava, apply a narcotic cream in advance, reducing pain and various notches. TBH, it feels like you are entering your eyebrows while having your period.

Micropigmentation techniques can mimic the appearance of hair on the eyebrow line. If your eyebrows are light in color or scarce from tweezers, shears or alopecia, you can easily improve your appearance with permanent makeup. Semi-permanent makeup is still a relatively new trend of beauty, but it has been very popular lately.

Because the sun will fade pigments much faster, you should avoid direct sunlight on any cosmetic tattoo. If you expect inevitable sun exposure, use a waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or more. “Most people think that laser treatments can remove tattoos or permanent makeup, but they can leave their own side effects, such as a lighter skin tone,” says Milstein.

This helps reduce swelling, redness or heat that causes discomfort, and we recommend that you clean the mask after each use. If you put it back in the permanent lipstick fridge, put it in a box or bag to avoid contact with anything else. The reason for this is that it can cause bacterial infections in the healing area.

I have nice full eyebrows, but I add makeup every day to improve shape and color. “Many customers turn to permanent makeup so they can reduce their morning routine, while others turn to a solution when they feel uncomfortable applying makeup,” explains Bray. “Some love the idea of perfecting their basic look with permanent makeup and then building with current makeup for a more glamorous look. Allergy customers for many topical makeup ingredients turn to permanent makeup as a solution to reactions. Swain says that ultimately the difference between permanent and semi-permanent makeup lies in the technique of applying the pigment, whether done with digital equipment or by hand.

For example, a good eyebrow stylist can dye the eyebrows to make the hair look darker or henna to temporarily stain the skin, giving the effect of fuller eyebrows. I have always recommended my microblade customers to use their microblade eyebrows as a natural eyebrow. By that I mean the forehead with which they want to wake up in the morning, which they can then improve with makeup for a stronger appearance when they needed it.

“When the dry skin that forms after the treatment comes off, it peels under the pigment and removes the pigment,” he explains. “This is very similar to the result you would get if a crust were removed: if the crust is removed prematurely, everything will go off and the healing process will start again. With pigment, the pigment is removed when the skin becomes too dry.”She says that if the treated area heals in a fairly humid environment, the pigment will stay better. Read on to see everything you need to know about permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup and what to expect during a cosmetic tattoo procedure. Do not apply cosmetic products to the treatment area during the healing process; This includes both makeup and skin care. Applying makeup, moisturizing creams, serums or any kind of product to the skin is at risk of reacting to the pigment, causing an unpleasant infection.

It is done by creating a powdered makeup look and will define your eyebrows more than the hair blow technique. There are many different looks we can create with a dark and daring to soft and subtle eyebrow powder. We can make a very natural lash improvement by coloring between the lips to create the appearance of thicker lips with a fully winged coating appearance. The thickness, color and type of eyeliner is chosen by the customer. “If the pigment is based on iron oxide, it will fade over time,” explains Bray.