Pros And Cons Of Sex Education In Schools

We believe that sex education is more critical in Iranian society than in others because of some basic principles. About 20% of the Iranian population is made by young people; these young people are interested in postponing their marriage; The only institute that allows them to participate in sexual behavior. Despite the law, however, they begin their sexual activities before marriage . According to a survey, 27.7% of Iranian youth experienced their first coalition at the age of 15 and 68.2% of sexually active youth involved in at least 1 sexual risk behavior .

He remains furious, but the voice of students is often left out when schools decide what to teach. So Myles and PBS News Hour Oakland Military Institute student reporters explore the pros and cons of various sexual education approaches and talk to students to find out how they feel about their sexual health education. Comprehensive sex education and only through abstinence and the onset of sexual activity and pregnancy in adolescents.”Adolescent Health Magazine, 42, 344–51, 2008.

In addition, risky sexual behavior, such as unprotected sex and multiple sexual partners, is the second major route of HIV transmission in Iran . It is alarming that HIV infections in Iran are increasing and risky sexual behavior is causing an increasing percentage of these infections . His opponents are concerned that comprehensive sex education can encourage students to be sexually active due to exposure. Proponents of sex education, on the other hand, they see factual knowledge about sex, contraception and STIs are equally effective in slowing down sexual initiation and reducing STIs. With these divergent views on sex education in mind, this document aims to highlight the pros and cons of sex education at school. The document will demonstrate with authority that the merits of sex education outweigh its shortcomings.

When it comes to sex children, their minds are more likely to be determined when they are ready to be active, and all parents can do is make sure their child has safe sex. Second, sex education in public schools can keep students aware of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Many students are always told not to tolerate sex, which can make them curious and possibly without knowing what can really happen. Many students who have had sex before have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease and / or an unwanted pregnancy. Sexual information lesson can teach students about exercising safe sex to prevent pregnancy and illness. Parents have the right in this world not to accept that teachers are the person who presents their teens about sex education in schools.

Education to avoid sexual risks is also known only as education for abstinence or abstinence. It generally teaches that not having sex is the only morally acceptable, safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy and STIs (some programs don’t talk about contraception or condoms) unless it emphasizes failure. A 2010 study by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. USA It shows that 70% of parents and more than 60% of adolescents believe that sex should be reserved for marriage. Because of these figures, supporters of abstinence education believe that this should be the curriculum for sex education.

Informing young people about sex education is very useful because it is a broad topic about bodies, the human reproductive system, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and pregnancy prevention techniques. Sex education is the most controversial problem in the education system. Some people accept sex education, doll sex while others think it is still taboo. This cannot ignore the obligation to inform young people about its importance. Problems such as sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and sexual assault can be prevented by learning about them at school. Parents generally feel uncomfortable talking to young people about it.

In addition, adolescents and young people are at increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases; therefore sex education is essential for this group . Sex education remains controversial in Iran because any additional marriage relationship is prohibited by law, culture and religion . In addition, many people with specific moral views are concerned about being sexually active as a result of sex education to adolescents . In short, sex education in schools has advantages and disadvantages for individual students, society as well as for some parents. However, most of the opposition to sex education is based on the assumption that once young adolescents are aware of the possibilities of sexual activity, they will surrender to it. Research has shown that sex education has no significant effect on sexual behavior or outcome.

As such, students are not at risk of experimenting with sex because of the sex education they receive . Despite the disadvantages of sex education that come to light in this document, this training enables young people and helps them make better sex decisions. Those discussed in this document have shown that sex education ensures that adolescents acquire useful skills that help alleviate the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies.

You should never hurt a young teenager by being educated about sexual activities, teenagers should always be aware of some things associated with sexual activity. Sex education has been an important debate for children under eighteen just because some parents want it to be taught in schools and others not for various reasons. One of the reasons some parents fear their child with sex education is because they cannot imagine their child engaging in sexual activities, even though it is still possible. Most parents fear that their children will be exposed to sex, but they should always want them to be trained and aware of the many consequences sexual intercourse can have. Even parents who are in schools for sex education sometimes still feel uncomfortable approaching their children about sex.