Embellish Your Wrists With the Magnificent Rado Watches

Watches accentuate the personality of an individual. Amongst the top notch brands producing classic and luxurious timepieces, Rado watches have earned a special reputation for itself with their futuristic technology. These timepieces are extremely popular for their sleek, fashionable and sophisticated style and ultra rugged functionality. These elegant timepieces exude volumes of beauty blended with vibrance and class. These timepieces are not only chic in their designs, but they also speak of power and are equipped with exciting features. The popularity of these watches has been due to their innovative techniques and fine designs. The brand strictly follows their tagline “If we can imagine it, we will” and uses its imagination to create excellent timepieces.

Rado is a prominent manufacturer of Swiss watches and it has its headquarters situated in Lengnau, Switzerland. It is a part of the Swatch group, which is among the famous watch makers. The company now has markets in more than 150 countries. The brand is famous for pioneering in using scratch resistant materials for its watches. The company started its business in 1917 and was originally named as Schlup and Company and in the same year it launched its first collection of watches under the brand name Rado. In 1962, the Rado diastar collection was launched, which was the first scratch proof watch of the world.

In 1983, Rado happened to become a part of the reputed SMH group which was later on known as Swatch group in 1998. The company created the first timepieces making use of rare and hard materials, such as tungsten, titanium carbide, Lanthanum Hexaboride Disc and ceramics. They made use of sapphire crystal in designing their watches, which was something new to the watch making industry at that period of time. The company released their first set of ladies timepieces in 1996. With their splendid timepieces, the company has added many awards to its credibility. It won the Good designer ward in 2002 and 2005.

The Ceramica collection for men and women from the Rado watches consists of technically innovative watches which are made with high quality ceramics and sapphire crystals. These stunning black timepieces show quartz movements with date and seconds displayed on a square dial. These watches are loaded with style and have ceramic bracelet strap.

In the Sintra Jubilee collection for ladies, beauty meets perfection. The watch has ceramic case and bracelet and is adorned with 40 diamonds. There are four diamonds set into the face of the watch which gives the timepieces a glamorous look. The Ladies integral watch is a diamond set timepiece with 64 diamonds and sapphire crystal with platinum colored case and many more features which make it irresistible.

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