The Basics of Concrete Removal

There are conditions wherein a concrete project that can no longer be patched up by any compound and resurfacing product. The best course of action, in order to save time and money, is to go for concrete removal.

What are the conditions that call for concrete removal?

There are situations when the damage in your concrete can be fixed by resurfacing, but there are a myriad of conditions wherein total removal and replacement will be much more economical.

• Deep, widespread cracks
Extensive cracks cannot be returned to its original polished state no matter how many resurfacing you do. These cracks develop from low sub grade used, erosion, exposure to extreme weight and others.

• Slabs that sink
This is caused by a sub grade that is not well-prepared. It may be that loose dirt was used for the sub grade or it was compacted. Storm water creeps under the concrete surface, so it becomes hollow and unsupported. In due time, the slab will sink, especially when subjected to heavy loads or weight.

• Frost heave
This happens in places with cold climates. The moisture that is in the ground solidifies pushing the concrete upward.

• Spalling and Spitting
Resurfacing may address the situation, but is not made to last. Complete removal and replacement is the only answer to this problem.

What are the things to consider in concrete removal?

Once you’ve assessed your driveway and patio and proven that it can no longer be salvaged, it is time to go for concrete removal. Here are the things you should consider:

• Local codes
Before the demolition, you should check local codes in your area to avoid lawsuit form your neighbors. Also, your region might have specific policies as to where demolition rubble will be disposed of.

• Local contractor
Breaking up, removing and lifting the concrete slabs and its steel reinforcement is no task for manual laborers. That’s why you should look for a local contractor that has the needed equipment for the job – a bobcat with a pneumatic or hydraulic breaker attachment. There are other ways to remove concrete – ask your local contractor for the beast method that suits your project!

• Cost
The cost varies depending on the size of the area you want to be demolished. Concrete foundation for basements usually demands higher pay.

• Availability of concrete recycler
In landfills, you pay bills for every dump. You will be able to save few hundred bucks if can haul the concrete to a recycler.

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