Side-by-Side SxS &UTV Polaris Off-Road Vehicles Buying Guide

Great for casual riders who prefer to sail the country or ride smoother trails. Many people with this type of street legalize their units for grocery shopping and other activities. As with a car, there are different chassis styles for different numbers of drivers.

These vehicles are also great for transporting other heavy loads and can even be used to transport water jugs and suitcases at airports, you name it. They are also easy to transport on the road, as they fit in the bed of most vans. UTVs are excellent for hunting due to their ability to maneuver rough terrain and move in tight spaces. In addition to ample storage space to transport larger game animals and other hunts, UTVs are an SXS vehicle that allows a hunting companion to travel with the hunter. You may know that an ATV and UTV are four-wheeled vehicles that are used on a smaller scale than cars and that both are ideal for different types of activities.

These four-wheelers have similar designs, but are intended for different applications. The main difference between ATV and SxS/UTV configurations has to do with steering and seat designs. A UTV has a steering wheel; an ATV has a motorcycle-style handlebar. You’re in an ATV riding it like Apolo dirt bikes a motorcycle; you sit in an SxS to drive it like a full-size truck, while wearing your seatbelt. A typical SxS also has a roll bar or roll cage for added safety, and can also have a windshield and even doors. An ATV and SxS/UTV are excellent uses for this type of working environment.

They often don’t come with a roll cage, so you’ll be exposed in the event of an accident. While they handle almost any terrain well, they don’t offer much in terms of cargo space, and most models can only hold the driver and one passenger. As for the steering, it looks more like a motorcycle than a car. A side-by-side vehicle is an off-road vehicle known for its 4- to 6-wheel design, unique side-by-side bucket seat configuration, and steering wheel and pedal drive system. It often comes with car-like features, such as a roll bar or cage, and wind protection that creates a closed look.

The first purpose-built all-terrain vehicles were three- and four-wheeled, using engines adapted primarily to motorcycles. Light and fast, they were recreational and developed fanatical followers. RV loans are designed to help customers purchase their new ATV, UTV, boat, or motorcycle. Like a car loan, an RV loan can be borrowed from a bank, online lender, or credit union like CU SoCal. This type of loan is a good option because of the reduced APR that is often offered. The main difference between a UTV, also called a side-by-side, and an ATV is the number of passengers.