How Do You Pack Your Travel Bag?

From rolling our clothes into small burritos to wrapping fragile items in soft wool sweaters, we’ve all mastered the art of packing a suitcase. But unlike any garment, we use our toiletries, such as medications and personal hygiene products, up to several times a day. The pressure is then on that little toiletry bag to … Read more

11 Companies That Hire Travel Agents And Consultants Remotely

I also run the VA agency that provides dating booking services, telemarketing, executive assistant and accounting. Travel agents can visit destinations for first-hand experience so they can make recommendations to customers. They visit hotels, resorts and restaurants to assess the comfort, cleanliness and quality of the establishments. Self-employed travel agents may have additional responsibilities with … Read more

Ten Basic Tips For Solo Travel

Don’t listen to everyone and their mothers trying to discourage women from traveling alone. Remember that there are more good people in this world than bad people. All we see is that the media portrays the world as a difficult place. Unfortunately, I have not heard of all the wonderful moments when other people help. … Read more