Ten Basic Tips For Solo Travel

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Don’t listen to everyone and their mothers trying to discourage women from traveling alone. Remember that there are more good people in this world than bad people. All we see is that the media portrays the world as a difficult place. Unfortunately, I have not heard of all the wonderful moments when other people help. Always the subject of romantic movies and books, female travel will be hit hard in 2021.

Do not keep all credit cards, identity and cash in one place. Wear a hidden cash belt with the contents of your “real” wallet. Save the emergency telephone number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from travel insurance, in addition to the country’s local emergency numbers on your device.

Pickpocket is more likely to pick up your wallet when your friends are partying, but these friends are able to seek your safety. When you are alone, you should be more alert. I speak French and I answered, she replied. Next time, I won’t share a stranger with the conversation. As a woman, you need to understand these details before traveling, because the daily activities and procedures you carry out in your country.

The common question for women who want to travel is whether the journey alone is safe. Some women wonder about safe destinations that are not. Some want to know if they can do it themselves, even if close friends and family tell them it’s not safe.

The whistle became more useful to me than once, especially when I remembered the story of another traveler I once used to avoid the angry monkeys of Indonesia. Travel, for some, will play an important role in your life, small office space for rent in Houston such as education, family, marriage and children. Individual travel should not delay things such as creating a profession, creating a family or marrying. Many married women, elderly mothers and women also travel alone.

Although you have to rely on your intuition. Much more than on a mobile phone in case of difficult condition, knowing that you can contact in advance to secure a hotel room or to call a friend who can be very helpful. If you intend to be in a country for some time, having a GSM mobile phone unlocked with a prepaid local SIM card is an excellent option. Although there are risks and pressures associated with individual travel, many women say that the most important thing is training. To help, I collaborated with By The Way, the travel news destination in the Washington Post, to give you advice from the women who were there, I did. As always, you can find more travel tips, news and city guides every day from By The Way on their website, Instagram and newsletter.

I still do it sometimes and I’m not sure if these fears will go away.

The most important thing to take with you is common sense. How women make the most of individual travel and where to go? I have benefited from a few qualified travelers for the best advice to travel alone – and the best places to travel only as a woman. You will find, also, information on visa requirements, security and security conditions, offenses, medical and medical considerations, local laws, areas to avoid and much more.