Women Have Three Powerful Secret Weapons In Business

Women have 3 assets that I consider to be the secret weapon in the business world. For about 30 years, women have been encouraged to act as their male counterparts in order to succeed and achieve equality. For me, this is a backward and counterproductive approach, as they have several valuable skills that business needs to grow and serve their customers. Because people are unique, these strengths are manifested in each woman in different ways. Today I share with you three of the most important of these skills. I hope these skills will be recognized for what they really are.

Women have strong verbal communication skills. Scientists and psychologists even tell us that women speak three times as many words a day as men. In addition, our conversations tend to involve a sympathetic listening and focus on the process of the relationship, rather than on the exchange of facts. Women know how to build relationships, understand a person’s strengths and weaknesses, and can easily include support in a conversation. Companies need the skills to communicate effectively and build a team, especially in sales, marketing and negotiation.

Second, women are intuitively experienced negotiators. They have been taught for centuries to receive what they wanted through negotiation and brotherhood. Whatever your opinion, it is a historical fact and our current reality. Women had little economic power and learned to work in a system they could not control. Instead of fighting in bloody battles and wars, they learned to work with others and make good compromises or find a mutually beneficial outcome. Now that they have economic freedom, they can use their skills to achieve their goals in the classroom. these skills can help an organization thrive by collaborating with those with whom it does business. Win/win situations are good for everyone, and women know how to find ways to achieve them. They have been doing this socially for centuries, and their mothers have been teaching them these skills from an early age.

The last secret weapon of women is their ability to work in a team. Again, this is partly due to their innate female character, and partly to their cultural background. Have you ever noticed that when you are in a restaurant with a group, the woman at the table says she will go to the women’s room; Others agree with this almost immediately? Often they gather in groups and return to the table together. Men do not have this behavior. In our culture, it seems, appreciates the image of a self-taught tycoon who is taking the world of business by storm. In reality, however, this is not the case. Most business tycoons who have achieved their success have a high-end support service. In fact, success brings strength to the team. Companies that reward employees for good teamwork will win and survive difficult times. Women excel in teamwork, and for that quality they should be valued. Mary Kay Ash understood this well, and she enriched herself by building a team and helping each member of the team achieve their personal goals.

Women who are aware of the power of these three secret weapons can achieve anything they want. With her strong communication skills, ability to negotiate and ability to work in a team there is no limit. Will she be a self-taught tycoon? Probably not, and that’s the way it should be for me. Will she be able to create wealth and realize her dreams? Yes! You’d win that bet!

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