Book Review – Business’s Most Wanted by Jim Romeo

Jim Romeo’s book “Most Wanted in Business: The 10 Best Books on Corporate Greed, Eccentric Entrepreneurs and Management Oddities” is a book of interesting facts and information about everything about business. The book is very easy to read and consists of 252 pages. It is one of many “most sought-after” books on other subjects such as golf, military history, espionage and cities like Chicago. Romeo’s book is divided into sixty best lists, each of which takes three to four pages.

Some of the 10 most interesting lists in this book cover the following topics:

  1. Oldest U.S. Companies
  2. Companies that devote a lot of time to charity and community service.
  3. Jobs to watch for in the next decade.
  4. People who enriched it in 40 years.
  5. Millionaires and billionaires who started with poverty
    Some of the stupidest things that influential people have ever said
  6. Presidents who have also been successful entrepreneurs.
  7. Burials of business magnates.
  8. Interested benefactors
  9. Businessmen who play good golf or cards.

In most cases all 10 top lists are very simplified and you can see that the author has done quite a lot of research to write this book. However, in many respects this is not enough, and the reader has the feeling that some excerpts from this book are incomplete or do not contain enough information to understand most of the book. Sometimes the writing style is also very simple, and you may feel like you’re wasting your time reading a book.

Overall, this book is suitable if you want to spend time and learn interesting information. Jim Romeo’s book “Most Wanted” will be ideal if you wait for a plane at the airport or spend time between lessons at school. Otherwise, it is probably best to choose a good biography or success story in business and learn more about business. People like Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and many American presidents are mentioned repeatedly in this book. After reading many biographies of these people I recommend you take one of their biographies or autobiographies and you will learn a lot about some very important people. There is not enough information in this book to make you feel that you are actually learning valuable information by reading it.

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