Zrii Home Business Opportunity Review (MLM)

This is a fairly simple introduction to MLM. In any case, it is a legitimate company MLM without red flags. There is one obvious product approved by one of the main recommendations of the MLM industry – the Chopra Wellbeing Center, founded by Indian physician and writer Deepak Chopra. Founder and CEO of the company – business tycoon and billionaire Bill Farley. It’s a lot of confidence from the start. This should mitigate any idea of illegality within the company, as there is too much at stake in terms of reputation. There is also a clearly defined reward plan that actually allows you to earn in different ways and use your strengths as a distributor.

Let’s see. It uses a network business model to sell juice (also known as a “liquid nutritious drink”) from plant products; among them – ginger, turmeric, tulsi, lemongrass, marmalade haritaki and the main ingredient – amalaki. I won’t go into the question of whether these ingredients are as effective as they claim. You can make a decision if you read the arguments of the supporters and critics of zria. In addition, it has added a new slimming cocktail called “Nutriiveda” to its product line, which includes ayervic weight management for life.


Founded in 2007 in Utah, it was founded by tycoon Bill Farley, who has considerable experience in shaping brands such as BVD, Jordache, Christian Dior and Fruit-of-the-Loom. There is no shortage of business know-how. It also enjoys unprecedented support at the Chopra Center, which never endorsed third-party products until it joined zrii. In general, everything is going well in business.

Compensation plan

The vision has recently moved from a three-part compensation plan to a more traditional binary system, which they call their “prosperity plan.”

Binary systems pay a commission based on a certain maximum number of purchases over a certain period of time, rather than at a level like in a matrix system. So, what essentially determines your commission is not what level it is at, but what volume of purchases are created. This means that a small but efficient network can immediately start making you commissions if they can move products quickly enough. You don’t have to wait until your network is big enough before you start generating revenue. Such a system motivates people to attract more and more people, because it is easy to see how your hard work pays off. In other words, as you move forward, you’re gaining momentum and starting to see opportunities to increase your sources of income.

Another thing to note in terms of remuneration, it offers various bonuses and other commissions, 7 to be exact, which will not only motivate your network to make more effort, but also inspire you to the best. sales, recruitment and training.

These include: a bonus for a quick start to training (paid weekly), a quick start bonus pool (paid monthly), a team commission (paid monthly), an appropriate bonus (paid monthly), a leadership pool (paid monthly), a bonus for the result (unique bonuses) and a premium. Executive awards (variable bonuses). The last of these bonuses will really pay off if you decide to build a strong organization.

So what’s the downside? The company recommends that people consume 3 ounces of zriii per day to achieve optimal results, which is approximately $120 per month. To get people to spend so much on health products requires creative and compelling marketing, especially when there are so many competing products. But it’s up to you.

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