Indian Premier League – A Sport Or Just Business?

The recently completed IPL has experienced many ups and downs in the last three years of its existence. This has always been associated with certain disputes, such as auctions of players, the exclusion of Pakistani players by the hosts, the beating of one defender to another on the field, the exit of the hosts from their home team, rumors of love. the beginning of the field, contract matches, people writing on Twitter about the secrets of the IPL and so on … The list goes on for a very long time.

Lalit Modi, the mastermind of the consistently popular IPL, was in the spotlight with the IPL before her latest stunts and performances when the IPL’s soupreme. As soon as the door was shown to him, the new head of IPL Chirayu Amin began to change the appearance of the IPL and from the very beginning to make statements about what will and will not.

Regardless of what has been said and done, the IPL has undoubtedly highlighted the Twenty-Twenty format, and although it is India’s initiative, it has succeeded and won awards for fans around the world. Reasons why the IPL is so popular may include the amount of money, offers of cricketers, support for local celebrities and business tycoons, media coverage, incessant off-court disputes, pompom girls or perhaps the game itself.

The IPL has managed to bring Lalit Modi such fame and name, which could not have been achieved by anything else, he says that he has experienced many ups and downs in his life, and the recent confrontation is only a “temporary phase”. But he must pay tribute to all the efforts he has put in the last three years to bring the IPL to the level it is today. Only this person had the courage to move the IPL to South Africa and take all necessary measures in such a short time, when foreign players expressed security concerns in India after 26 November. Only this man had the courage to stand up to business tycoons such as Mukesh Ambani and Vijay Mallaya to win cricket prizes, and still genuinely supported him when the entire BCCI crowd turned away from him.

Many hardcore cricket fans call the IPL a mockery of cricket, a circus, just a business where some people make money because the country loves the game so much.

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