Essential Aspects To Know When Hiring A JavaScript Developer

As you design your interview plan, you can test common JavaScript skills by asking questions of varying difficulty about variables, functions, syntax, objects, etc. You can also demonstrate and offer various code snippets to finish how the feature will work, what the output will be, or what the error is here. Often, when conducting a technical evaluation, the programmer is asked to write a code snippet to evaluate their technical quality and culture.

In simple terms, you can use your favorite JavaScript frameworks to send HTTP requests, create dynamic user experiences, and generate interactive content. A critical requirement for a developer who is expected to complete the work with minimal supervision or the ability to structure their code in a maintainable manner. That means having insight into the overall architecture of the system and then writing code that fits. It also means being able to identify and resolve situations in which current architecture or codebase standards are causing problems. First of all, you need to have a clear set of requirements in mind for your project. So to hire a qualified JavaScript developer, you need to start by identifying the needs and business requirements of your project.

This combination of experience and knowledge allows them to design and implement pieces of software that connect back-end programming with front-end elements such as databases. Eastern European countries are among the most attractive destinations for talent search in terms of affordability and quality. Regionally, Albania and Moldova have the lowest rates (about $9,700 per year), nearly Java Freelancer one-tenth the annual salary of JS developers in the United States. It is much lower than the wage level in Hungary ($17,500), Romania ($20,200), Bulgaria ($20,500), Slovakia ($25,230) and Poland ($40K). You can check out our recent guide to software development in Ukraine to learn more about the local IT market, especially if you are considering working with Ukrainian developers.

So, if the JavaScript interview questions are well prepared, they can be a better indicator of the applicant’s skills. TechMagic is a javascript software development company that specializes in JavaScript applications but also AWS and Serverless solutions. Having combined our extensive technology stack and experience in web application development, UI/UX design, and data storage solutions, we are the perfect partners to execute a project of any complexity. Back-end developers are also expected to understand and interact with the existing architecture without causing disruption. Juniors must have a basic knowledge of architecture layers and MVC (Model-View-Controller). At the same time, intermediate developers must be able to integrate new features into the existing architecture and understand solid’s commonly used design patterns and principles.

Based on your requirements, you can decide if you need a developer with specific skills or a broader skill set, and you can recruit accordingly. In short, JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that brings web pages and applications to life. Basically, web browsers are the primary users of JavaScript because they use it to generate an interactive and engaging interface for users. What’s intriguing about JavaScript is that it allows scripts to be written to a web page’s HTML, and when the page loads, the scripts run automatically.

A more interesting fact that distinguishes developers from typically outsourced countries like Ukraine and client-side countries like the United States is specialization. They are familiar with many programming languages and frameworks, but they don’t have deep experience in any of them. This is very useful when you hire an in-house engineer and want to make sure that any task can be done by them. Turing evaluates the best third-party JavaScript engineers on their knowledge of CSS, HTML, web technologies, UI/UX standards, JavaScript frameworks, and code versioning tools, among others.