The Economy in Business Tycoon Online MMORPG

Economical multiplayer games attract a lot of people from different age groups. If you want to try a serious MMORPG simulator, you should try Business Tycoon Online. This is a game that can be taken lightly. The best part is that you can play it for free as much as you want. There are several premium features that require gold in the game currency.

If this game gives you so much that you need to buy gold to develop, you can pay with Paypal, Visa, Master Card, JCB, Dinners Club International Discover, American Express. You can even use DAO PAY to buy gold using mobile credit. The best part is that you can still get gold without paying a dime just by reviewing free partner offers.

The game helps the player look behind the hidden doors of successful business and marketing. Of course, if they want to be good managers, they need to have the right qualifications in real life.

You start with Bonus Free Gold (in gaming currency for premium features that you can only get after you buy a loan), TCN (in the gaming currency you can earn on all the actions) and a few coupons to help you start your first business.

Any successful manager needs a secretary to solve all the problems related to his business. This game gives you the ability to choose from different types of secretaries. Your secretary must perform several tasks at the same time in your chosen order. You can give him orders such as: pour coffee, get a newspaper, organize a check, warn employees, prepare a report, prepare a material, prepare a car, prepare for a meeting, and read a summary. With this professional help, your business will stop wandering.

Your character also has a number of tasks that you need to do in the desired order. These are the following tasks: to inspect the business, to read the newspaper, to think, to communicate, to analyze, to negotiate, to go on a business trip, to meet and to take a break.
Your character grows as your virtual income increases. As an entrepreneur, you can be a millionaire, a multimillionaire, a billionaire, a celebrity, a business leader or a senior president. As president, you can participate in the political life of your virtual community.
You are the one who decides to distribute attributes points by strategy, wisdom and leadership. You are the boss who decides to manage his employees. You can reward them, train them, hire new ones, educate them, distribute points, assign assignments, fire them.
You can review your company’s financial statements and decide what to improve.
Overall, this game deserves a lot of thought and time. It’s nice to know that your business is thriving, even if only in the virtual world. The good thing is that your brain starts to think successfully and you can eventually apply this technique in the real world. Of course, this requires a lot of practice and training, but remember how to perform a katana (fight without an opponent) until you develop reflexes.

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