The World of Formula 1

sports The World of Formula 1

Still based largely in Europe, Asia and Latin America have discovered the sport in recent years. Yet even while countries like Bahrain and Malaysia have picked up the event, F1 Grand Prix tickets and F1 merchandise items are hardly the money makers they once were in the United States. Here’s an introduction to the world of Formula One racing.

The Formula 1 circuit is typically eighteen races, with about half the races in Europe. In the sport’s early years almost all the events were in the UK or on the Continent, with a single event typically reserved for the US’ legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the State of Indiana. As the major centers for both F1 drivers and constructors, the UK, Germany and Italy are regular European hosts. In recent years the sport has grown in popularity in the Middle East and much of Asia-India has a constructor team and is regularly on the circuit, so too Abu Dhabi and especially Turkey. In East Asia, the peninsula home to Malaysia and Singapore is to be found on the F1 results sheet more than other countries in the region, though South Korea and Japan have also hosted events.

Even still, the Americas-for many other sports a major market and source of talent-have been a mixed bag for Formula One. F1 Grand Prix tickets used to be hot items in the States, but while US dates were a regular fixture on the F1 circuit, they are now sporadic. Indeed, the Americas are one of the few places F1 merchandise isn’t readily recognized. The exceptions to this might be Canada-which hosts a regular Grand Prix event-as well as Brazil, one of the sports newest and most intense fan bases.

Because of its international status, Formula One is an elite sport with F1 tickets and F1 merchandise valued at hundreds of millions of pounds every year. F1 drivers know that the F1 circuit is a grueling affair, taking them to time zones far from home, their F1 results being scrutinized on the opposite side of the world. Wherever you live-the UK or Kathmandu-check out Formula One today!

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